It’s less than a week until Halloween, so you know what that means! It means that you have to get into the Halloween spirit and watch some Halloween movies. Everyone has their traditions of what they always watch before a holiday, so I’ll share the movies that I always have to watch before Halloween or else I just won’t be in that Halloween kind of spirit.

First up, a classic! The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is an amazing stop-motion film produced by Tim Burton that took an entire three years to make! How they made this movie is really interesting and it shows how much work goes into these kind of movies. It sets place in Halloween town and is about the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington falling into a rut. Instead of scaring he decides that he wants to spread some Christmas joy this year. I love this movie and since it’s a Disney movie it only has great songs.

Next up! Another movie that is from my childhood: Halloweentown. This movie is about a girl who discovers that she’s a witch and then has to save a town full of creatures with supernatural powers as well. If you’re interested you’re in luck because there’s three more movies that continue this Disney story: Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s RevengeHalloweentown High, and Return to Halloweentown. So if you’re in the Halloweentown mood for the night then you should be all set for a fun night.

If you feel like watching another witch based movie then Hocus Pocus is the next movie that should be watched. Hocus Pocus is about three witches that get resurrected on Halloween night in the famous Salem, Massachusetts and it is up to a group of kids to put an end to their reign of terror.



Another movie that I can’t wait to watch every year is Casper. A movie where a paranormal expert and his daughter stay in a haunted house that is occupied by four ghosts. Three mischievous ones and a friendly one named Casper.

As you can tell Disney movies are the best kind of Halloween movies. Especially if they made and released in the 90’s which all of these movies were.

A more recent movie (even though 2006 seems like ages ago) is Monster House. A movie where three teenagers discover that their creepy neighbors house is actually alive. Not only is this one of my favorite Halloween movies, but it is also one of my favorite all-time movies. So far in this post there’s been a stop-motion film, live-action, and now here’s an animated one.

These are definitely some more family type of movies. Let’s be honest though, as much as I love these movies that I grew up with, horror movies are becoming a more accurate representation of Halloween for me. I still watch all these movies before Halloween but it’s always good to get a good scare before a scary holiday. I’ll only talk about three horror movies so this post isn’t a complete overload of movies. First up is a newer movie…

The Babadook: a mother discovers that her son was telling the truth about a monster who entered their house through a children’s book. A good old full on creepy movie that you should definitely not watch alone. The trailer is even creepy. It won best film, best direction, and best original screenplay at the AACTA awards and best horror at the Empire Awards.



The Saw franchise is next up. There are seven Saw movies, so far I have only watched the first one. In the past I was too scared to watch it but I was able to summon up the courage to watch it a few weeks ago. Would you kill to live? When a madman tries to teach how much life is worth, two men find themselves in a room with no idea how they got there or why they’re there. Don’t watch this movie if you don’t like violence, blood, gore, etc. I think this movie is interesting ultimately because it was filmed in a single room by college kids on a small budget.

Now onto a classic…

The Silence of the Lambs
, released in 1991, A young F.B.I. cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims. Yep, you read that correctly. A killer who skins his victims. It’s as gross and weird as it seems. It has everything that makes a great horror movie: suspense, mystery, and of course horror. Another movie that probably should not be watched alone. I personally can only watch horror movies while sitting in the middle of my four friends and covering my eyes for the parts where it’s bound to get scary.

If you’re not up to watching a whole horror movie, there are many short films that will be able to scare you in a few minutes. The most recent that I’ve watched is called Lights Out and is only around three minutes.