Civic Media focused on homelessness this week and what it means to be homeless. Something that I now know is that homelessness is a state of mind, and you’re really on homeless if you believe yourself to be. Many different people live on the streets for different reasons. They all have various kinds of backgrounds, and education levels, and family situations. They have all ended up on the streets, whether it be temporarily or for the rest of their lives. The important thing is that we are activists for them. Although homelessness will not be able to be completely stopped in our lifetime, we will still advocate for change. Video advocacy is one medium that we are able to promote social change with. In the next few classes, we will be given the opportunity to hone our creativity and create a video that calls people to action on the issue of homelessness. I hope to create a video that informs a viewer, and also makes them want to learn more. I want them to stop watching the video and think about what they should do next to join this movement.