The focus of this week was hip-hop and how it is more than just entertainment. Hip-hop goes beyond entertainment, and beyond music. It has a deep cultural meaning that can ignite change. Through graffiti, dancing, and music many individuals are given a creative outlet to express how they feel about what is occurring in society today, and the oppression they feel.

One hip-hop artist that I studied was Joey Bada$$. He uses community engagement in a majority of his recent music by pointing out social issues that he feels are being ignored. He feels strongly about the poor leader that Trump is proving to be, and thinks that his election is a step backwards from the racial progression that the Obama presidency made. Although the Obama presidency made some progress, it wasn’t enough to fix all the problems that black American’s face daily.

Chance the Rapper is another hip-hop artist that we focused on who dedicates his time and money to organizations that he wants to help. He uses his musical platform to deliver powerful messages that reach wide audiences.