We were split into groups for our final documentary project this past week. I will be working on the editing portion of the documentary, and am excited to start getting the footage from the production team. I started with creating the beginning and ending credits, and so far it is going well. I think it will start to get slightly overwhelming once the ball gets rolling. Hopefully, my team will be able to stay organized and will split up the work evenly so that not one person is doing all the work.

One of the focuses of our lessons was LGBTQ homeless youth. These youth face discrimination among the homeless. Foster homes won’t take them in and they face abuse in shelters. There’s not as many resources for them, and they already faced the struggle that is coming out to parents who don’t support their child’s sexuality. There are resources for parents that help them be more supportive, so that their child will not feel the need to run away from home. One resource that was discussed was the Ali Forney Center. This center wants to protect LGBTQ youth from being homeless, and gives them the tools and support to live on their own.