I struggled with this assignment. We had to make a Buzzfeed article using the Buzzfeed interface and then post it to the website. What I struggled with was coming up with an idea. I ended up making two posts. One is a personality quiz, and the second one was a list of 6 things.

My first post was called “Which Type of Glenn Are You?” I made this quiz because there’s nothing like this kind of quiz on Buzzfeed, and I got to include one of my favorite shows.


This post took a long time as I had to find 6 or 7 different pictures for each question. I was happy to be finished once I had everything together, but I wanted to make another one because I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the piece.

My second post was called “6 Questions I Get Asked When People Find Out I’m From The UK.”


After writing this article, I realized that I liked my first post better. It seemed more intriguing to me because it was an interactive quiz. I also realized that I didn’t check that my first quiz would be suggested for the Community editors. I did check for the second post, but I couldn’t go back and edit it for my first one.

Here’s my first post and my second post.

I wanted my article to fit in well on the Buzzfeed website, and so after I finished both my articles they seemed kind of childish. There was almost an overload of pictures that didn’t go well together as a whole. I didn’t like the clutter of it all. There was too many pictures, but I tried to make each one relate to an answer of the question. It was semi-humorous with the pictures, so I wasn’t trying to write very serious articles.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that there is much value to either of my articles. The first one is more for entertainment sake and is specifically aimed towards The Walking Dead fans. The second article shares an experience that some people may also relate to. I’m not sure if that would make it have an value.

I did enjoy creating these articles as it created a new experience and exposure to a different kind of blog type.