Andy Goldsworthy focuses on color when he makes his creations using leaves. He sees one color in a leaf and “out of a sense of curiosity (he) starts collecting the colors to see how many colors there are. And to see the range of colors” (Two Autumns). He is able to make a work of art sometimes using one color of leaves, or multiple colors. My favorite creation of his that was shown in the documentary Two Autumns was when he found a rock in the midst of a river, and covered it in red leaves. It looked like the rock was entirely red and was meant to be red in the first place. After finishing, he felt like he knew the rock on a deeper level.

My creations using leaves weren’t as elaborate as Goldsworthy’s. I tried using color with leaves in two different ways. My first creation was modeled after one of Goldsworthy’s where he pinned a line of leaves together and sent it down the river. The line began with one color and then gradually changed to another color several times throughout the line. I wanted to so something similar and so I collected leaves and set them up going from dark to light.

I made another project and focused on the color yellow and set all the different shades of yellow leaves that I found in a circle to resemble the sun.