Learning to use the pen tool in Photoshop was admittedly a struggle at first. The initial struggle came with getting used to using the pen. It was difficult and frustrating at first, but after practicing it became easier. I had a hard time going from a curved line to a straight line. Once I discovered that using the ALT key allowed you to go from a curved to straight line, there was less frustration. Fortunately, I was surrounded by classmates who were able to help.  The Bezier Method website proved as a useful tool in cultivating this skill. The PHLEARN video was also a very helpful resource that went step-by-step through the process. It was easy to follow along and provided lots of helping information.


The creative part began when we were tasked to use a picture of ourselves and put our face onto a different background.

I chose this picture of myself:

and decided that I wanted to be the third wheel on a dinner date with Beyoncé and Jay-Z:


I was happy with the idea and became determined to get myself into that picture no matter how long it took.

The first step to achieving this was to, of course, put both pictures onto different tabs on Photoshop.


Next up was of course cutting myself out of the picture. I used the pen tool and began going around myself. I zoomed in so it was easier to tell where the subject curved and where it went straight. After a somewhat easy few minutes I had connected the two anchor points.


I made the selection on myself under paths so that I could easily move around the section that I had outlined. I then copied the selection and went to the other tab where the picture of Beyoncé and Jay-Z was waiting for my arrival.


I pasted the selection of myself onto the picture and used the free-transform tool to make me look more proportionate to my dinner dates. I was happy and proud with the result, and accomplished what I wanted with only my first use of the pen tool in Photoshop.  I hope to improve my skills and make it look more realistic.