For this project, we experimented with  light and dark harmony. Our design could be anything we wanted, we just had to follow the Notan procedure. I loved this project. I thought the concept was interesting, and the end result compelling.

The first step was to, of course, gather all the needed materials.


Next, was to draw on the black paper. We could draw anything we wanted, but the sketch had to start and end on the same side of the paper. For example, I drew triangles and the shape starts and ends on the top of the paper.


The next tedious task was to cut out all of the shapes. We had to keep in mind that we had to keep every piece of paper, so it was nerve-wrecking since I didn’t want to accidentally  lose a tiny part of a shape. This was probably the most difficult step in the process.


After, we placed the main part of the black paper in the center of the white piece of paper. The pieces that you cut out will be flipped alongside where they were originally.



It was difficult to visualize what the finished project would look like. I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, but it turned out differently. Once I started sketching I just decided to wing it and hope for the best. I then had an idea after I finished two of the sides. I decided to make the two sides that are opposite each other be similar in design. So two sides don’t have hard lines while the other two do. The staircase and triangles have hard edges. The spiral and waves have soft lines that aren’t straight and are unique.