In Visual Rhetorics this week we focused on color. We first had to find our signature colors hex code.


I made a color palette for myself based on my signature color which is Dazzled Blue or #304C7C.

For our design activity, we had to take a portrait of ourselves and make our eye color brighter. I struggled a lot with this activity and tried it multiple times, but could not get the result that was similar to the video tutorial I was following.¬†We were in Photoshop for this editing and followed Phlearn’s video called “How to Color, Brighten, and Sharpen Eyes.”

This was the picture I had taken for me (shoutout to Brendan) that I used for the activity. I made sure that automatic focus was on so that I would definitely be in focus. It still turned out blurry when I had to zoom in on my eyes which may have to do with the amount of artificial light and not natural light.



My first attempt started by sampling colors in the eye and exaggerating them.


The colors then had to be blurred.


As you can see in the next image that there is hardly a difference.


I brightened the eyes and there was a slight change.


I was quite disappointed that I did not get the results that I had hoped for. Hopefully, after a bit of practice my eyes will get brighter.

Here is the final results side by side:

After my frustration with this method, I tried a completely different tactic that admittedly resulted in some bold results. I took the same picture and used the magic wand tool to outline my eyes. I then used the paint bucket tool to make my eyes blue.


It turned out more creepy than I had expected, but I think the result is amusing.