We were able to have a wonderful guest speaker come to our class, photographer Melissa Kelly. Miss Kelly started her own photography business and takes and edits all the photos for her clients. She runs all her social media accounts with the help of a part-time assistant, and consistently updates her website with new pictures. Melissa is primarily asked to take photos for weddings, engagements, and families.

Melissa had us complete an activity which was about how to take a great photo with an iPhone camera. We paired up and took a picture of our partner outside. We came back into the classroom and Melissa gave us tips on how to improve our shots. Tips included working on the lighting, what the background is, the angles of the shot, and the pose. After getting these tips, we went back outside and re-shot our partner keeping in mind what we had learned. After coming back inside, we compared the before and after photos with the class so everyone could see the improvements.

On the left is my before picture, and the right is the after picture. My improvements included going to the natural sunlight, using directional lines, and centering my partner.