Interview with Saint Joseph’s University Senior and Beautiful Social Fellow, Caitlin Gillard.

What’s your favorite thing about Beautiful Social?

I really enjoy the fact that it’s structured as a balance between in-class educational learning style as well as on-site, off-campus visiting. I think that it gives everybody in the class a good way to first learn and build a foundation and then go and actually get to use that and feel confident in their abilities in a more hands on and professional environment. 

What has been your most rewarding experience as a Fellow?

My most rewarding experience for my two semesters as a Fellow has been seeing the two projects all the way through and working with JJC (Juvenile Justice Center) twice. I think just really being able to see an end result and a difference that we’ve made through working with them. 

What made you want to become a Fellow?

The first time that I took the class I knew that it was something that I wanted to continue doing. I thought that it was something that really inspired me, and it kind of made me see digital communications and the possibilities that it holds in a way I hadn’t before. I knew from the very start that it was something that I wanted to do again. I didn’t think that I was completely ready to be a fellow yet, so I wanted to take the class one more time. After working two semesters with Fostering Brighter Futures as a student consultant, I felt more confident both in my abilities as well as in the potential of Beautiful Social so I really wanted to continue working with that. I thought that with my experience as a student consultant I would be more able and confident in the program and with my abilities and so I felt that I was ready to become a Fellow. 

Do you plan on continuing your non-profit work?

I definitely do, I’ve applied for a couple internships involving working with non-profits and I’d really love to see where that could take me in the future and how that will play out after school.