I was working hard on my Fela Kuti video this week. I wanted to present him as an activist who was able to ignite change through his music and the person he chose to be. I have worked with voice over’s before, so I was familiar with how these types of videos should be laid out. I’m happy with the final product, and think it focuses on how Fela made a movement out of his music that is still popular today.

An reoccurring idea that we have had throughout our classes is how we can be global citizens. We can’t just focus on where we are now since we are privileged. There are underprivileged people in the community right next door to ours that we need to acknowledge and lend a hand to. This is important for our world perspective and how we should try to take care of our neighbors, even if they’re no where near to us.

A problem that was focused on this week was women in the workforce who are underpaid inĀ  the Global South. Companies are focused on making a profit and not the well-being of the people who make their products. Activists are stepping up to defend these women and young girls. Some of the most profound activists in this day and age are young girls. Girls like Mari Copeny and Malala Yousafzai are changing the world with their actions.