The Ted Talk I decided to watch was by Arthur Benjamin. He discussed the magic of Fibonacci numbers. I was to focus on a Ted Talk that focus on patterns, and so when I googled “Ted Talk about patterns” I was excited to see how Arthur Benjamin would talk about patterns in relation to the Fibonacci numbers. In class, we have mainly focused on patterns that aren’t numbers or letters. This was a different pattern that I wasn’t used to when it comes to Visual Rhetorics. He began by saying that in school, students always ask when they will need to use math in the real world and how they never get a straightforward answer. He then goes on to discuss  what kind of  “number patterns” the Fibonacci numbers display, and how there are many kinds of patterns hidden that you can discover using mathematics. Benjamin finds math to be a lot more fun than I do and says that  “as much fun as it is to discover these patterns it’s even more satisfying to discover why they are true.” He closes by showing some examples of how the Fibonacci numbers can be used, and saying that schools should focus more on application instead of calculation.