img_3498I particularly enjoyed myself doing this project. We had to create our own pattern stamp by carving something out of a potato. After, we would put paint on the pattern and repeatedly stamp it onto paper until it was filled up. Then, we then had to collaborate with a partner and each use our stamps on a different sheet of paper to make a completely  different pattern.

After trying twice on two potatoes, and cutting my hand three times as well, I decided that I wanted to use a circular pattern. I definitely did not expect carving to be as tricky as it turned out to be. I then got black paint and a paintbrush and started experimenting and practicing with my new stamp, which according to some of my classmates looks like an ear, an avocado, and a doughnut.

After I was done practicing, I got paper and started my pattern. I think the stamp created and cool pattern after being used so many times. I also like how there are different shades of black. It makes it look less uniformed and more unique.

Next up was the collaboration pattern that I did with Brendan’s stamp.

Both our stamps started off going in a straights line and then bounced off of each other. The rest of the path they take is bouncing off the paper and eventually going off the page.