A Human Interest Piece: The Time a Prince Helped My Dad at the Airport

My dad works for a bank and travels around the world to meet with potential clients. He always comes back home with interesting stories, facts, and pictures. The most compelling story that he has told me so far happened as he was leaving one country to go to another. It was a few years ago so I don’t remember what country he was leaving and going to, but I know that he was in the Middle East. He had flown into one country from America, spent a day or so there, did a presentation for a potential client, and went to the airport to fly to another country. He met up with a co-worker at the airport who he was going to be flying and doing the next presentation with.

After going through security, they were both taken to separate rooms and questioned. After being questioned, the officers met and compared my dad and his co-workers stories. They did not match. When the two men were asked who they had flown in with, my dad said he came with  his co-worker when the other man said he flew in alone. My dad had forgotten that they had just met at the airport. So they were questioned some more, and eventually my dad got to make some calls. He called his friend who happened to know the prince of the country he was flying to.

The prince got in contact with the airport and said to let them on the plane.