_dsc0144I modeled this piece after the Notan Project we did in the beginning of the semester. This is where we played with empty space using dark and light paper. I did the same thing using a leaf. I ripped shapes out of the edges and put them on the outside.


It’s hard to tell what I was trying to accomplish here. It didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. The wind started picking up around this point and I had to keep putting the pieces back. This was around the time where I realized how hard making art in the outdoors is with the elements.

Andy Goldsworthy often plays with light and dark elements in his work. He makes components where there is solid color and then pure black. Mine doesn’t have the same eerie feel. There isn’t a part where you have no idea what could be behind that darkness. It has a certain abruptness that startles the “rhythms of daily life.”