Politics has become a crucial part of our lives recently, and being of the voting age it is important to get involved and stand up for what you think is right and wrong. Starting conversations and debating issues can get uncomfortable when two individuals have opposing views. I have found a social media program that allows one to get involved professionally into the conversation. Sierra Club has started an Election Texting Team. Volunteers have one-on-one conversations with Sierra Club supporters about actions to make the future elections more focused on the climate. As it says on their website, “Never before has the environment been such a critical voting issue to push back against the Trump administration’s rollbacks.” With their texting technology, they are able to reach even more voters than ever before. This gives these activists a platform to directly reach people, and talk about campaigns, issues, and voting.

This texting technology gives all activists the ability to talk to their community who may be misinformed. This will greatly help non-profit organizations who are trying to reach a community and have their voices be heard. This gives them the ability to easily start a conversation about their organization and the problems they are trying to solve.

Sign up with the program if you’re interested!