Texture is everywhere. Every surface and object varies in texture. When taking photographs, I wanted to find texture that looked interesting. Not really a texture that you think looks interesting when passing by, but close up you notice the uniqueness of it.

My first image incorporates several different textures. It uses the wood from the desk, the criss crossing of the fabric that is the lamp shade, and the designs on the sketchbook.


My next image is of the blinds in my room. I thought it would be interesting to see each side contrast and be asymmetrical instead of symmetrical.


My next image is of my rug (one of the comfiest rugs ever). I thought the texture of this was refreshing because of  how unique it is to all the other textures in the room.


The next image was of two completely different floor textures. On the left is wood, and on the right is tile. I thought this would be a cool image because of the obvious distinction and line between the two textures.


My last image is of the table mats on the kitchen table. The reason I took this picture was because of the directions the lines are going. The table mat has a circular texture. While the table has lines going straight. I thought that the differences and how contrasting they are were engaging.


I found this design activity very fun. I love taking photographs and so I enjoyed having the opportunity to train my visual eye to observe more textures, and how those textures relate to the environment they’re in.