Something old and something new-The Mashup Project

For my mash-up project, I decided that I wanted to take the 1953 adaption of Peter Pan and transform it into a horror movie. At first, the only huge obstacle that I came across was coming up with an idea of what I wanted to do. Once I knew what I wanted to do and the story that I wanted to tell, it was fairly easy for me to put it all onto iMovie as I’m familiar with the program. Cutting it all together was also difficult as I wasn’t completely sure which audio I wanted to use. After watching many horror movie trailers, I decided on two trailers to use and my trailer had started to come together.

        My aesthetic involved a lot of darkness and quick cuts of Peter. A majority of horror movies have a lot of dark scenes, and I wanted to make it as similar to a horror movie that I could. The atmosphere was important as I wanted to cultivate a sense of not knowing. There are usually some kind of graphic scene as well in a horror movie trailer. There aren’t any kind of those scenes in Peter Pan, so I used scenes where the children were visibly scared and Peter Pan was acting like a menace. I think that this added to the creepy type of atmosphere. The timing of my audio also supplemented to the creepiness. For example, an eerie sound would come on when there was darkness. The audio from The Babadook also had narration that told who and what The Babadook was which aided in telling the story. The evil force in my mash-up was of course Peter Pan, so I had to find specific scenes where it could be manipulated for him to come across as evil. The same went for finding scenes for his victims, the Darling children.

        I believe that anybody should be able to use any kind of creative content without having to pay. Since that is not the kind of world we live in, fair use is one of the next best steps. It allows for free speech within the strict copyright laws. I used clips from the movie Peter Pan, and audio from the movies The Purge and The Babadook. All three movies are quite popular and mostly well-known. I’m curious to see if YouTube will take down my mash-up, and if they do how long it will take them. I believe that I used the transformative part of fair use. It’s a parody of Peter Pan as I took some of the original work and changed it to be something that it wasn’t originally meant to be. I think I succeeded in transforming its original meaning. Peter Pan is a animated fantasy-adventure movie for children, and I have made it into a horror film. The original producers probably would not be too happy about this transformation as it completely changes how Peter acts and the role he plays in the movie. He’s now a haunting boogeyman named The Babadook, and not just a boy who didn’t want to grow up.